Our greatest passion is to connect with our fans through our music and lyrics. We create from the soul to share the universal language of music with any and all kinds of people.


Who We Are

We are a progressive, multi-genre band out of North Western Pennsylvania. Our style(s) includes but is not limited to: Funk, Punk, Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, and Ska. Some of our influences include: Pink Floyd, Incubus, Dispatch, Alkaline Trio, Clutch, Sublime, and NOFX.
Joel Forsgren, Guitarist for Slow Motion Breakdown

Joel Forsgren

Jason Mowrey, Bass for Slow Motion Breakdown `

Jason Mowrey

Priest, Lead Vocals & Drums


Lead Vocals & Drums
Steven “Priest” Stewart has been hitting the skins since he started walking. Priest composes the lyrics for almost all of SMB’s tunes. Along with his incredible percussion skills, Priest is also the lead vocalist for the band. Priest leads the production efforts and of all three members of SMB is often accused of being a juggernaut by Joel and Jason when it comes to his work ethic. Priest’s early works include three self produced rap albums; A Killer’s Journal, Hell Froze Over, and The Reckoning. Among his favorite bands are: Alkaline Trio, Slipknot, Tool, Mastodon and Opeth.

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