Slow Motion Breakdown

We are an all original, progressive, multi-genre band out of North Western Pennsylvania. Our style(s) includes but is not limited to: Funk, Punk, Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, and Ska. Some of our influences include: Pink Floyd, Incubus, Dispatch, Alkaline Trio, Clutch, Sublime, and NOFX. We are "The Music You Like."


Joel Forsgren, Guitarist for Slow Motion Breakdown

Joel Forsgren

Jason Mowrey, Bass for Slow Motion Breakdown `

Jason Mowrey

Priest, Lead Vocals & Drums


Lead Vocals & Drums

Upcoming Events

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Date Location Event Ticket
02/12/2017 7 E Main St, Youngsville, PA 16371 Live at The Downunder w/ Surprise Guise
22/12/2017 1921 Peach St, Erie, PA 16502 The Kings Rook in Erie, PA w/ Trip The Deuce


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